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Justin Grubby

Justin GrubbyJustin Grubby

I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to serve my clients and community with the most professional service possible. Real estate is more than just a career for me. This industry is my passion. I proudly provide my clients with a level of expertise that can only come from an extensive, diverse background in every angle of the housing industry.

My journey to perfecting my service for you has been long, diligent, and never-ending. It started when I was a young teenager working through summer breaks as a laborer on a framing crew. I began to learn the basics of the actual construction of homes. What better base for this career than starting at the base of the build? Continuing this routine through highschool and college, I really had a strong knowledge of general construction. After attending college for Business Management, my experience in construction pulled me back into the trades. At that point I wanted to focus my attention to more specific areas of the building process. I spent the next few years attending an electrical apprenticeship school while working during the days. Once I had a combined knowledge of basic carpentry coupled with electrical work, it was natural to move from the building side of the industry to the remodeling side. This is where I really started developing my love for the housing industry and quickly advanced through the ranks. After successfully remodeling several homes and managing several projects for our clients, I decided to take the next step in this seemingly natural path. I invested in Real estate! My Fiance’ and I (who is also in the industry), dove head first into a “flip”. The success we experienced triggered my desire to switch gears. I became more interested in the business side than the building side. I put down my tools and picked up the books, once again. After studying for my “Series 7” (Stock market exam), my interest naturally steered me towards the mortgage side of the market. With my newly gained knowledge coupled with my past experience, I decided that was the best place focus. I partnered with a great local lender which allowed me to begin using these skills to really make a difference with the clients. I spent my time learning each position as a lender, from the nuts and bolts of processing a loan, to the loan origination and mortgage consultant role. Things really felt like they were heading in the right direction but I knew I wanted to be even more “hands on”. I wanted to have as much of an impact as possible with each and every client. I thought back on my journey…I loved watching a project evolve in the field using my tools, I loved the math and strategy involved with the stock market, I thrived on the problem solving of mortgage consulting , but I knew I needed to be out spending my time with you and sharing this knowledge and not keeping it stored in my office. My decision was clear, becoming a Realtor was where this amazing road led to. I get to combine all the aspects of my exciting path into helping you with the most exciting time of yours. There is only one way for you to approach your next real estate transaction and that is with a foundation of knowledge and experience that covers every area of your investment, from top to bottom. For this, I am proud and honored to be your resource, to be your Realtor. Let’s get started today continuing this great journey together!

“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate in the basis of wealth.” – Theodore Roosevelt